Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week 2 - Beach Scene

During our second week of class the teacher (Sharon) showed us some techniques for painting trees. I will hopefully do some practice this week on trees and post them here. In particular she demonstrated how to paint palm trees.

During our individual time we each painted a beach scene. It was really neat to see the different end results from everyone. Some painted tropical beaches, others painted night beach scenes.

I chose to paint a scene I painted last year as part of an assignment to add elements to a sky. Here is that first painting from last fall:

Below is the new painting I did this week in class. I thought the sky turned out really well, and although the plants are not great, they are still an improvement over most of the other plants I've done. Overall I think this is one of my nicer paintings, especially considering I did it from start to finish in an hour.

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