Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Class - Shapes

I started a new class last week. It is fun and an interesting change of pace from my previous class. On one hand I think maybe it would have been better if I'd taken this one first because it is focusing more on the basics. But on the other hand, I am getting a lot more out of the class and doing much better work than I would have done without it.

I really like the format a lot. It's structured, and our painting time is very directed. Every week we're supposed to bring in some reference to paint from, and we have the whole list in advance. We start off with the teacher doing a demo for an hour. She does a painting from her own reference and shows us some techniques that we're likely to be able to use during our time.

After the teacher's demo we have an hour to paint, and we're expected to finish in that time. During the final 20-30 minutes of class we regroup and the teacher critiques all of the paintings in front of the class. I really like that my painting time is so limited and directed. It means I have to work fast and don't have time to overwork it. I can already see improvements. I just need to get motivated now to do some practicing at home during the week.

Here's my painting from our first class. The baseball looks a lot rounder in real life! I think the angle of my paper in the photo is making it look misshaped.

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