Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Class 2: Value

There were two parts to this project, but I only got through part 1 during class.  The teacher provided a sketch and we had to paint it, using only 1 color.  I remembered something I learned in my other class with Bill about doing a quick value study in pencil to help plan ahead, and I did that first.

Then I did another quick thing to help, and tested undiluted versions of what I thought would be the darkest colors on my palette. Surprisingly, this blue was one of the richest, darkest colors in pure form.

I actually kind of love how this house came out. I got some really nice contrast between the darkest and lightest areas. The one thing I wish I could take back is the tree shadow. I should draw whole pages of trees and their shadows until I can make natural looking shadows.  Another problem is that what is supposed to be a driveway ended up looking like a hill.  Oh well!

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