Monday, April 21, 2008

My Sunday

Better start this blog off with a Top 20/Bottom 10 list, right? It's easy to make a list. It goes in no particular order, you just put down what comes to mind. Today's list is about my day yesterday, which honestly, seemed more bad than good at one point, but you'll see...

TOP 20
1. preschool girls wearing boots with dresses
2. my son's full body smiley, happy, kicking reaction when he sees me
3. husband helping get the kids ready for church
4. my kids all dressed up in church clothes, buckled in to their carseats
5. my Sharing Time lesson at church, which rocked
6. stories of Thomas S. Monson when he was a boy
7. rainy Sunday afternoons
8. really good home-made cheesesteaks
9. re-enacting Cinderella with a 3-year-old princess
10. toast with butter and home-made strawberry jam
11. naps
12. not having to pay to water the garden
13. Rock Band
14. funny new blogs
15. backyard chicken coops
16. the "blow-out" protection of Pampers
17. DVR
18. piles of folded laundry
19. folded laundry in drawers and not on the floor
20. new Desperate Housewives episodes

1. shopping on rainy days
2. packed grocery stores
3. 10 minute run-into-the-store that turns into 1+ hours of shopping
4. the car battery dying in the pick-up lane at the packed grocery store
5. trying to find someone to give you a jump
6. rusted out jumper cables that don't work
7. trying to find someone else to give you a jump
8. blocking traffic in the pick-up lane at a packed grocery store during a downpour
9. fighting with husband about how to jump-start a car (I was right!)
10. hungry kids crying in the backseat

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